9 Thoughts I Had While Watching Shadow And Bone

If you’re on any type of social media whether it be booktwt, booktok, booktube, or bookstagram, you’ll be tempted to buy books.

Some of these books you may have never heard of before, but the more you see it, the more you want it. Can you relate? That’s exactly how I stumbled upon the Shadow And Bone trilogy as well as the Six Of Crows duology. 

I first heard of it through BookTube and thought about reading it but the covers didn’t really catch my attention too much (who doesn’t judge a book by its cover?). Then I saw it all over Bookstagram! At this point, it wasn’t on my TBR list yet but I was inching closer and closer to adding it. Finally, I heard the show was coming out on Netflix and I immediately put them on my TBR and fast forward a few weeks, finished both the series.

This series isn’t my favourite of all time but I definitely enjoyed it a lot! Obviously, I made sure that I read the books before watching the TV show and I’m so glad that I did.

I thought the show was done very well. Yes, there were parts that weren’t in the books – some were extrapolated and some were changed, but overall, I didn’t complain. The cast, personalities, setting, and vibe of the show completely matched how I imagined them to be while reading.

Along with some squeals, here are 9 thoughts I had while watching Shadow And Bone:

  1. I’m shipping Alina and Mal way more than I did in the books

In the books, Mal seemed so weak and friendzoned but here…here it seems like Mal and Alina really have a mutual friendship that could turn into something more. I was #TeamDarklina for the books but might lean a bit more towards #TeamMalina for the show!

  1. Mal seems a lot more manly here – I like him

I felt like the show portrayed Mal as manlier and more muscular than in the books! He was actually strong and held his own, unlike the vibe I got of him from the books.

  1. Alina isn’t supposed to be pretty but she is!

In the books, Alina is described as, “ugly”, “pale and sour, like a glass of milk that’s turned”, “frail and sickly” as a child, and “skinny”. Although we all know female main characters are never “ugly”, I imagined her to be just nothing special. Honestly, I didn’t really know how to imagine her to be. In the show, Alina isn’t ugly – I think Jessie Mei Li is so pretty, but I can also see why they chose her to be the main character (and she was amazing)!

  1. WOW The Crows’ storyline has been weaved in wonderfully

For those that have read the books, the events in Six of Crows happens after the events of Shadow and Bone. In the show, they show the story of The Crows before the books and it was really cool to see their personalities being fleshed out, the dynamic between Kaz and Inej, how Nina and Matthias met, as well as how Nina joined The Crows!

  1. These flashbacks are great

I loved how the show weaved in the flashbacks of Mal and Alina at the orphanage throughout. This added intrigue to the show, while also masterfully showing the audience their backstories, which added to the depth of their characters. Geeeenius!

  1. Wow awks

I found the relationship between Genya and David super awkward! Of course, I know it was meant to be like that because in the book, they are sort of an awkward and unlikely pairing. But if I never had read the books before, I would think their interactions had more evil intentions than just the fact that they were flirting.

  1. The Crows have their own soundtrack

Every time a scene with The Crows began, the same mischievous and playful soundtrack would play so I knew that it was a Crows scene haha. Honestly, the entire soundtrack was Listen to 00:19:49! 

  1. Her collar omg

So in the book when Alina got the white stag’s antlers as an amplifier, I always imagined the horns somehow melded into a circle, sitting around her neck like a thick cuff that she couldn’t take off. However in the show, it’s literally melded into her skin! I remember watching and my eyes were like WHAA OMG! 

  1. But…The Darkling

So Ben Barnes looks exactly like how I imagined the Darkling to look, facial hair and all. I also love how The Darkling looks more mature/older than Mal because that’s how they were described and perceived in the books. In the books, The Darkling was this evil enemy, but the tv show allowed me to see him in a little bit of a different light. Maybe he really was lonely…maybe he really wanted Alina to be with him. Nonetheless, the characters were such great actors and did an amazing job capturing all our favourite characters!

Overall, I really enjoyed the show and I definitely think they did the books justice! I have so much respect and am in awe of the casting director as well as the director who was able to work with Leigh Bardugo to bring her books to life.

Have you watched or read this series yet? If not, you definitely should (I might be biased haha)!

If so, I would love to hear what you think! Let me know what thoughts you had while watching Shadow And Bone!

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12 thoughts on “9 Thoughts I Had While Watching Shadow And Bone

  1. You’re right! I watched this and kinda enjoyed it too, sure it’s not extraordinary but hey, it’s entertaining and that’s good enough. I just hope the Darkling maintains some “logic” behind his choices, I hate evil one dimensional villains, prefer an anti hero sometimes. 🤭💕

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  2. My husband and I just started watching the show this week and we love it! I haven’t read the books yet, but I plan on it. I’m looking forward to comparing them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the show and books!

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  3. It’s certainly been interesting to read the opinions of those who are watching the show. It IS my favorite book series of all time (though I prefer the original trilogy over SoC – no hate to the Crows, I just love the magic and world-building in S&B) and so, quite frankly, it’s been more challenging to read reviews because my first instinct is to defend everything haha. But I’m glad you enjoyed it overall 🙂

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  4. My only thought while watching this show was BEN BARNES. He put so much into his performance and took it to heart. Kit Young as Jesper was also amazing and he really stood out. I need a second season.

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