7 Weird Things Readers Do

Let’s face it. Readers are special. We do things people might not understand. We have burning tendencies to buy books even when we have a whole shelf of books we haven’t gotten to. We also love flying through book after book. Your non-reading friends probably think you’re crazy.

Another thing about readers – we know we’re weird in these ways and we embrace it. This is part of who we are and it’s so nice to have an online community of other readers that do the exact same things!

I love being able to write this blog and share these things with all of you. So as you read this, be encouraged that you aren’t the only one – you are one of many!

Here are 7 weird things readers do:

  1. Compare NORMAL prices to book prices

A cute cardigan is $45.99? With that money I could get…a hardcover and a paperback OR two paperbacks………I don’t need clothes.

  1. Freak out to their friends

After reading a good book or reading a plot twist, how can one not rage, rant, or spazz out to someone else? For those of you who don’t have real life friends that read, that’s what the internet is for!

  1. Get hungover

Book hangovers are real. Especially after finishing a series, you might not be emotionally ready to start a new book. You’ll constantly think of the characters you grew to care about and that’s okay. Hangover cures: read reviews, search up fan art, find BookTube reviews, read Reddit forums about questions you have.

  1. Ignore everything around them

When a book is so good that you’re able to block out the rest of the world including responsibilities, homework, chores, etc.

  1. Get sleep deprived

You planned to read a bit before bed but one more chapter won’t make a difference tomorrow. But now it’s at a really intense part and you need to know what happens next. That chapter ends up a cliffhanger so it’s basically connected to the next chapter. Next thing you know, it’s 4am.

  1. Imitate characters

You know when there’s a really specific description of what a character is doing and you can’t quite imagine it, you try imitating the description and suddenly you understand. 

*Imitates description* “OHHH!”

  1. Take too long on the toilet

Let’s be real, sometimes books are so good that you bring them with you to the washroom. A quick washroom trip often ends up taking way longer than needed.

Do any of these weird things stick out to you? Anything weird that was not mentioned here? (I’m sure there are a bunch) Let me know in the comments below!

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Lover of books, book reviewer, book blogger & YA fantasy author in progress! WIP: Project Arenegedden

12 thoughts on “7 Weird Things Readers Do

  1. That last one had me CRACKING UP!!! It’s totally true haha! I love this post and definitely relate to so much of it. I completely bombard my friends with information about the books I love and I sometimes feel bad because most of my friends aren’t bookish in the slightest so they’re often like “whoaaaa chill, Stephanie!” Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m SO glad you could relate to the last one (I didn’t know if it was just me or not)! My friends are not bookish either so it’s awesome to be able to blog and talk about it on the internet 🙂


  2. #7 is so real 😂 especially when I was a kid–it was the best excuse for a reading break when I had homework!

    Liked by 1 person

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