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Do You Engage In Active Reading? | FREE Printable Bookmarks

We have a guest on the blog!

I’m so excited to have been able to partner with Richard Grzela to write this post. For those of you that don’t know him, he is an artist and designer that enjoys writing and adventure.

I’ll let him introduce himself:

Richard: When the request was made, I was thrilled to offer a short biography. Education-wise I am not a writer, though I do appreciate the arts in all fields from cooking to architecture. I graduated from Art College with Art and Desktop Publishing, which today is translated into Visual Communications. I am a fan of short stories and literature while equally keeping popular culture in the frame work too. I’ve written a few short stories and have submitted short writings to companies that produce role playing games. I see adventure, escape and a chance to learn something new everywhere writing exists.

My art influences are:

Red Grooms, Ralph Steadman, Salvador Dali, Jim Lee, Todd McFarland

My Writing influences are:

Malcom Gladwell, Terry Brooks, Terry O’Reilly, along with poets of Japan, Bahso and Buson. My suggested reading list Terry Brooks – Magical Kingdom for sale/Sold Malcom Gladwell Outliers – Outliers Haiku Illustrated

Let’s begin!

Long book series

Many avid readers have dove headlong into a book only to learn that it is part of a greater world. A novel is a great example that might take you from the initial world introduction to a three, four or sixteen book series. It happens more often than you think.

An active reader’s brain process 

In doing the simple act of grabbing the next novel, you in your quest have inevitably asked the question of what will happen to your beloved protagonist? Perhaps you have even asked, why did they make the choices they make? 

Before long, you superimpose yourself in the story with the question; If it was me, I would have done ”Blank”. That is when you know you are fully hooked. Not only are you reading the book, but you are actively thinking out and seeking alternatives to the story direction and challenging the protagonist’s choices. Congratulations, you are an active reader!

Asking questions = good engagement

If you’re thinking of possible solutions, complications, plot twists, character development opportunities, or maybe even identifying plot holes, you’re asking questions. Reading with questions is a natural occurrence for readers who are engaged. It makes for an exciting reading experience and shows that you’re invested in the story.

For those of you who are authors, reading with questions might also help provide inspiration for your own novel! As you make your way through a novel, you may imagine a situation unraveling in a different way or realize that it could also work out if the characters made other choices. This is not copying a story, but simply getting inspired by aspects of someone else’s story.

Free bookmarks!

Included is a simple bookmark work log that Richard and I collaborated on. It can help you get your questions answered without offering a detailed book report. A fun one sheet approach to see what direction the story is going and where you would like it to go, while you are reading. Adding your notes to the bookmark helps determine how closely you think like the writer you are reading and maybe, get you started on your own story too!

How to use:

  1. Print & cut out bookmarks
  2. Fill out your thoughts & insert them in the pages that sparked those ideas
  3. Go back & see how your thoughts/ideas were stimulated in your reading journey

We would love to see these bookmarks in action! If you decide to use these, we’d love for you to tag us: @andreasbkcorner and @RichardGrzela on Twitter.

What other questions do you ask while you read? What goes on through your brain while you’re in a really good book? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you Richard for being a guest blogger on Andrea’s Book Corner. It was a pleasure having you!


Published by Andrea's Book Corner

Lover of books, book reviewer, book blogger & YA fantasy author in progress! WIP: Project Arenegedden

10 thoughts on “Do You Engage In Active Reading? | FREE Printable Bookmarks

  1. I love the idea of using a bookmark or paper to take notes while reading. Often though, I get so swept away in the story that I just read it so quickly, going back after to figure out those parts that I loved or made me pause and read those again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, I’m most definitely an active reader. I get so involved in the story and sometimes forget about my surroundings entirely as I read because I feel like I’m actually IN the book! I loved this article and the bookmark is so cool. Next time I’m near a printer, I’ll have to print it out for myself!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those bookmarks are super creative. I do remember books I annotate better, and with the number of books I read it is difficult to remember what happens in each one. I’ll give this a try.

    Liked by 1 person

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