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6 Reasons Physical Books Will Always Have My Heart

If you go up to any avid reader and ask them: “physical books or ebooks?”, they’ll probably have an opinion. I know some people that will only read physical books, and others who swear by their Kindle!

Last month, I posted a blog post called I’ve Converted to eBooks! (Kinda). I’ve always been a physical books girl for my life until recently so it was kind of controversial! Haha. I want to say that despite loving eBooks more now and reading a good amount of books digitally, physical books will always have my heart.

Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. The smell of books 

Besides doing a quick flip through of the book, smelling books is probably the first thing I do when I have a book in my hands. Old or new, I will always smell the book and just breathe it in. Why? I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t just me.

  1. Feeling the weight

I love holding books and just feeling the weight of it. Thinner books are lighter and thicker, chunky books are heavier. Something about that is comforting and just so nice to have.

  1. A real sense of accomplishment

You can literally see the pages go by as you read. Suddenly, you’re at the middle of a book, and then almost the end, and then when the book is done, you have the satisfaction of closing the book. Yes, ebooks have a feature that shows you the percentage you’ve read, but let’s be real. That’s just not the same as seeing it for yourself.

  1. You can see the beautiful covers

Book covers are one of the best things about books. It tells you so much about the book’s genre, story, characters, and vibe. With physical books, you can display each book as its own story on your shelf and show off the beautiful cover that an artist must have spent hours on!

  1. Time away from screens

If you’re like me that spends hours scrolling on her phone, 8 hours of work at a computer, and then more, you’ll just really appreciate being able to get off any type of digital screen and spend time with a physical book. (Your eyes will thank you too!)

  1. You can hug it 

Do you hug your books? Sometimes I do. There is just something so authentic to having a physical book that you can tangibly hold. Every book is its own adventure, every cover evokes its own memories and emotions. Having 100 books on an eReader is a great thing because you have many books all in one place, but it’s also a bad thing because you have all your books in one place! I mean, if you hug your eReader, which book are you hugging? Haha.

That’s it! Those are the main reasons that I personally will always love physical books a bit more.

Sometimes I wonder if these 6 reasons are only valid for me, or if pretty much everyone out there would agree! Let me know your thoughts on these reasons and whether or not physical books or ebooks have your heart.


Published by Andrea's Book Corner

Lover of books, book reviewer, book blogger & YA fantasy author in progress! WIP: Project Arenegedden

16 thoughts on “6 Reasons Physical Books Will Always Have My Heart

  1. I’m with you! Sometimes it is easier to read an ebook & they are much lighter (obviously). But ultimately, I love the smell & the feel a lot more. I’d happily carry around lots of books 🙂

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  2. Love this! I’m definitely a physical book person too – the only digital ones I read are the occasional one kindly sent by an author – and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. There’s just something about seeing them all on my shelf and having an actual book in my hands which makes it so much more appealing for me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. I have a handmade bookshelf a friend made me for a birthday for my books and, though I try to declutter a book when I get a new keeper, I have a nice collection! I love the feel, smells, and look of all those pages and the stories within. The worn books are especially precious to me. 🙂 I like a book that has been read!
    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I agree – this post resonates. I have a love of books. As decadent as it may seem, using up space gives a cozy feeling. Digital device might contribute to a sparse space, but gives you the same read, no tactile extras is a real loss.

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  5. OMG yes, I totally agree. While nowadays I do read more on my kindle, it’s more because of the ease of it, storage reasons, and cost! But I like actual physical books for the same reasons you mentioned above- especially the smell! I can literally picture (smell? lol) the smell of a physical book right now.


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