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6 Things Readers Hate To See In Books

As amazing as a book synopsis can be, the actual bulk of the book is so important. Beginnings are important in getting readers invested in the characters, middles must continue with momentum, have some good twists, and endings must be satisfying and realistic.

I think it’s safe to say that writing a book isn’t easy! Huge respects to authors just for finishing a book and even bigger respects to authors that write amazing books and raise our book standards.

There are always several things that will turn you off from books or just make you frustrated like, “ahhh!! This book had so much potential but fell flat.” I’ve compiled 6 things that I think people hate to see the most in books.

  1. Cliffhangers in romance books

I’m not a cliffhanger-hater. I actually appreciate them to a certain degree, especially in fantasy books sometimes. The right balance of cliff-hanger and satisfaction can make a reader think about a book ending for days. The problem is when it’s in a romance book because most of us go into them expecting a closed, nicely wrapped-up ending. If we don’t get it, we’ll probably be disappointed and frustrated.

  1. It’s like that because I said so

When a situation seems so far-fetched and doesn’t make sense but we just have to go with it because the author says so. Or when two people fall madly in love right away (insta-love) but it’s not believable at all.

  1. Unnatural dialogue

I wouldn’t know because I don’t have siblings but I’ve heard this a lot. Apparently no one actually calls their sister “sis”? Sometimes dialogue can sound fake, forced, or robotic. The best books have dialogues that just flow and sound like real conversations between real people.

  1. Predictable twists

I think everyone will agree when I say that twists are much more satisfying and mind-blowing when we don’t already predict them ahead of time.

  1. Uninteresting characters

This is a big one for me! No matter how intricate and intriguing the plot is, I won’t feel invested in the story unless I care about the characters. If I don’t care about them, I won’t care about their situation no matter how hard it might be.

  1. Issues not handled with care

Some books will deal with sensitive issues such as depression, abusive, childhood trauma, anxiety, etc. I think these are great issues to include because they are real issues that many people deal with. Unfortunately, sometimes they are written in the wrong light and shown as something small, trivial, or just not dealt with sensitively. This is something that would turn me off from a book.

We all have our own preferences for books but I wonder how many of you agree with these! I know there are probably more things readers hate to see in books. Let me know which ones I missed and which things you hate to see in books!


Published by Andrea's Book Corner

Lover of books, book reviewer, book blogger & YA fantasy author in progress! WIP: Project Arenegedden

13 thoughts on “6 Things Readers Hate To See In Books

  1. This is a really great list! Dialogue especially – I actually just finished reading a book that I didn’t particularly love mostly due to the dialogue. Not only did it not sound real, it came across… a little bit like an after-school special at times.

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  2. Great great list! I fully agree with all of this! What I hate most, and this happens in plenty of romance books, is that around the end (generally 80%) there is sudden drama out of nowhere that just doesn’t fit with the story or the characters. It all gets wrapped up “nicely” 5-10% later.

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  3. This is so spot on tbh. And so relatable as well. I agree with all these points especially the ones about uninteresting characters. Like no one wants to read a book with boring characters. If I start reading a book and find that the characters are boring, I drop the book as fast as I took it lol. This was a fab post. Thank you for sharing! x

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  4. Yes, yes and yes to all of these! These are all such annoying things to read, unnatural dialogue is such an off putter and boring characters are the worst – particularly when combined with the other things you mentioned, too! Thanks for sharing.

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