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Why Is Fantasy So Enjoyable To Read?

Almost every book lover will read in various genres but there is usually always one genre that they love reading the most. For me, that genre is fantasy.

When I first started getting into reading, I thought I would enjoy scif-fi the most because I absolutely love sci-fi movies. After reading a few sci-fi books, I realized that I didn’t enjoy it the same as I enjoyed it in movies. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason.

I started reading fantasy books and fell in love. They were just usually so engaging and interesting to read. The plot was usually always deep and just so creative.

Through this blog and my Bookstagram, I’ve met so many people that feel the same way about fantasy as well!

So why is fantasy so enjoyable to read?

  1. Because of the escapism it provides
    It always takes place in a make-believe world where things are very different from ours. Even if it’s an urban fantasy that takes place in a city, there might be a magic system that is (obviously) different from us too. I love traveling in these books to different places and just being able to escape our everyday lives for a little while.
  2. It’s not real
    I really enjoy the fact that the story events happen in a different world that isn’t actually real. Contemporary books are great as well but because they’re meant to be seen as something that can happen in our world, I often find myself being skeptical or making sure everything is realistic or possible in real life. With fantasy, I can do this a bit less.
  3. It encourages our wild imaginations
    I love vivid imaginations – the crazier the better! Fantasy books increase my imagination and creativity. It can make magic so much more magical and situations so much more intense. It pushes the boundaries of our minds and I love that.
  4. They’re memorable and unique
    I find that while other genres are still really interesting to read still, some genres have a very predictable structure that is followed. It’s kind of like the same framework each time but just a different story. I find that with fantasy, there are still typical fantasy plot structures but there are many different versions and just a wide range of things that can happen.
  5. It incorporates elements of other genres as well
    If I had to pick one genre to read for the rest of my life, I’d be okay with fantasy because not only is it fantasy, it can also include aspects of romance, mystery, suspense, etc. It’s a one stop shop!

What do you think? Do you enjoy reading fantasy as well? I’m curious as to why you enjoy fantasy. If you don’t, that’s okay too – everyone has different preferences. Let me know what your favourite genre is and why you think it’s so enjoyable to read!


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