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Author Q&A | Asa Rodriguez

Happy summer! I’m happy to have been able to interview Asa Rodriguez, an author that writes many different genres. Author Biography: Asa Rodriguez writes nonfiction and fiction, poetry and prose. He dedicates time to inspire others through his many sites. He values moral character and high standards. He likes painting and sketching when he’s notContinue reading “Author Q&A | Asa Rodriguez”

Book Review | These Twisted Bonds by Lexi Ryan

Genre(s): YA Fantasy, RomanceAge Level: Young AdultRelease Date: July 19, 2022Publisher: Clarion Books 5 out of 5 stars After Abriella’s sister was sold to the fae, she thought life couldn’t get any worse. But when she suddenly finds herself caught in a web of lies of her own making ­- loving two princes and trustingContinue reading “Book Review | These Twisted Bonds by Lexi Ryan”

Book Review | This Woven Kingdom by Tahereh Mafi

Genre(s): ContemporaryAge Level: Young Adult FantasyRelease Date: February 1, 2022Publisher: Harper Collins *Trigger Warnings: abuse, injury, medical content, death of a parent, mistreatment 3.5 out of 5 stars Clashing empires, forbidden romance, and a long-forgotten queen destined to save her people—bestselling author Tahereh Mafi’s first in an epic, romantic trilogy inspired by Persian mythology. ToContinue reading “Book Review | This Woven Kingdom by Tahereh Mafi”

Why Is Fantasy So Enjoyable To Read?

Almost every book lover will read in various genres but there is usually always one genre that they love reading the most. For me, that genre is fantasy. When I first started getting into reading, I thought I would enjoy scif-fi the most because I absolutely love sci-fi movies. After reading a few sci-fi books,Continue reading “Why Is Fantasy So Enjoyable To Read?”

5 Bookish Things Everyone Loves

Let’s face it. When we love books, we don’t just love books. We also love everything that’s book-related. Whether it’s a book sleeve, a candle, or bookmarks, we get excited about it. Being the curious person I am, I went onto my Instagram to do a poll and asked everyone what bookish things they love.Continue reading “5 Bookish Things Everyone Loves”

Book Review | Not Here To Be Liked by Michelle Quach

Genre(s): Contemporary, RomanceAge Level: Young AdultRelease Date: September 14, 2021Publisher: Harper Children’s 2.5 out of 5 stars Eliza Quan is the perfect candidate for editor in chief of her school paper. That is, until ex-jock Len DiMartile decides on a whim to run against her. Suddenly her vast qualifications mean squat because inexperienced Len—who isContinue reading “Book Review | Not Here To Be Liked by Michelle Quach”

What Is Camp NaNoWriMo & How Do I Prep?

This one is for all the aspiring authors, already-authors, readers who dream to write a book one day, and those of you who are just curious about how some authors write their books in a short amount of time.  When is it? Every November (the entire month) What is it? Camp “NaNoWriMo” which stands forContinue reading “What Is Camp NaNoWriMo & How Do I Prep?”

6 Things I’ve Learned From Book Blogging

Can you believe it’s already September? Time has really flown by, each year feeling shorter than the last. I don’t know if the pandemic has anything to do with it but this year has really blurred together – the days, the weeks, and the months. We’re entering the autumn season and I’m so so excitedContinue reading “6 Things I’ve Learned From Book Blogging”

Author Spotlight | Lori Nelson Spielman

When I was planning out blog posts for September, I thought to myself, “Hmm. What would readers like myself like to read?” One of the things I thought right away was that I’d love to get to know some of the authors of my favourite books more. For those of you that have been followingContinue reading “Author Spotlight | Lori Nelson Spielman”

How To Start Your Own Blog

Thinking about starting your own blog can be a really exciting time! Having your own blog means you get to create a platform to share everything and anything you want. The possibilities are endless and once it’s posted, anyone in the world can have access to your blog posts.  You get to be your ownContinue reading “How To Start Your Own Blog”