6 Assumptions People Make About Readers

When you imagine a reader, what do you see? Do you ever hesitate to tell people that reading is one of your hobbies because of what they might assume about you? Even if you don’t believe in stereotypes, some of them are almost conditioned and stamped into our heads because of the influence that theContinue reading “6 Assumptions People Make About Readers”

10 Ways To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

One week you breeze through a book. The next week you have no motivation to read at all. We’ve all been there in some way. Reading slumps can range from a few days and go on for years at a time. What exactly is a reading slump? It’s when you lose the desire and motivationContinue reading “10 Ways To Get Out Of A Reading Slump”

Mini Book Haul | March 2021

So much happened within the month of March! One of the things I did was buy books (shocker)! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always buy books – they can be expensive and I already have so many eBooks on my iPad from my local library. I don’t buy books every single month but thisContinue reading “Mini Book Haul | March 2021”

5 Signs You Should DNF Your Current Read

This is a dilemma that every reader will and probably has experienced one time or another.  It’s stressful because no one picks up a book expecting they’re not going to like it. We always want to enjoy the books we read but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. What’s DNF? DNF stands for Did Not Finish.Continue reading “5 Signs You Should DNF Your Current Read”

Should You Annotate Your Books?

There is so much talk on the internet about book annotations and how it’s supposed to be done. I’ve watched all the YouTube videos, read many blogs, and honestly everyone does it a little bit differently (there’s no right way to do it.) I’m excited to share with everyone how I annotate my books andContinue reading “Should You Annotate Your Books?”

6 Ways To Read When You Have No Time

We’ve all been there. Looking at our tbr pile staring back at us and buying new books but we just don’t have enough time in a day to add reading to our list of to-dos. We just want to snuggle up on a couch and read but there just isn’t any time. Whenever we doContinue reading “6 Ways To Read When You Have No Time”

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