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Author Q&A | Ryder Hunte Clancy

I would like to welcome another author coming on the blog today. I’m so excited to be able to introduce Ryder Hunte Clancy to everybody! She’s a YA Fantasy/Mystery author and If you don’t already know her, here’s a little introduction! Meet The Author Ryder has lived most of her life in the desert butContinue reading “Author Q&A | Ryder Hunte Clancy”

BOOK TOUR | Author Interview With Melissa Hope

First off, I am so excited to have Melissa Hope join me on the blog today! I have watched so many of her YouTube videos about writing and have also had the honour of reading an ARC of her debut novel Sea of Kings (and really enjoyed it). If you don’t already know her, here’sContinue reading “BOOK TOUR | Author Interview With Melissa Hope”

Author Q&A With Niamh And Rebecca Schmid

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to showcase two authors – Niamh and Rebecca Schmid and welcome them on the blog today! Recently, I have had the privilege of asking the author duo 5 questions – ones that I’m curious about and I think other readers and authors would also love to read about.Continue reading “Author Q&A With Niamh And Rebecca Schmid”